Our Story – My Story

Our Story is actually just simply my story.
My name is Marlene-Luise and I am the creating person behind DS1985. Basically I’m doing everything by myself – starting from designing to sewing, right up to website maintenance and so on… All with the precious help of my family and friends.

I started Ballet when I was 6 years old and my love for this artform lasts until today – that’s why I am still taking classes and try to improve just for my own enjoyment. Working in the fashion business for many years and always struggling with the fit of the dancewear pieces on the market – I’m a dancer at heart but with a couch potato body – I one day started to make some leotards and cover-ups just for myself. My friends at ballet school then asked me to sew them some customized pieces as well, and so I decided to give it a go and launch my own dancewear brand.

So if you ordering a piece of my collection, you are ordering an item which is made with love and care from my own hands just for you! Your order is as well supporting a small business – owned and run by a female adult dancer.

I´d love to connect with you and learn about your (dancer) story!

All the best,

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